Ivory Stardust Hoops Earrings


Ivory Stardust Hoops Earrings

Handmade with Love in Berlin

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Embark on a journey of retro elegance with our “Ivory Stardust Hoops Earrings”. These half-hoop earrings, snug against the ear, are crafted from ivory-colored fakelite with a marbled effect that adds a touch of sophistication. The flattened oval shape of these earrings creates an original and captivating visual effect, seamlessly blending the nostalgia of the 50s and 60s with a modern twist.

To further enhance their allure, each earring features a dazzling golden starburst, adding a celestial touch to the piece. Inspired by bakelite and plastic pieces of the era, as well as the iconic elegance of Hollywood actresses, these earrings fuse vintage nostalgia with a contemporary flair.


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