Horror Movies Retro Tv Brooch


Horror Movies Retro Tv Brooch

Handmade with Love in Berlin.

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📺 Time for the ultimate Halloween movie marathon with these Retro TV Horror Movies Brooch!
Scary movie season has officially arrived! Costumes, candy, and decorations are fun, but nothing can get you into spooky season quite like a Halloween film on screen.
Gather up your winter sweetear to get cozy and settle in with a bowl of popcorn (and some candy too!) for a mini marathon, after dark of course!

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate slasher film or a black and white classic Film we’ve got you covered with out Horror Movies Retro Tv Brooches.
Choose between black or red, green or black glitter TV and look for the best screenshot of your favourite Horror movie or series.


*please note colors may very due to camera, monitor configuration or lighting. As well as some details may very due to individual craftsmanship not made in mass quantities.

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Bride & Frankenstein, frankenhooker, Metropolis, The Addams Family Intro, The Munster Intro


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